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Africa’s current and future development needs will never be sustainably or timeously achieved with bricks and mortar alone.

We need a step-change in the approach to building and the materials that we use, particularly in developing countries.

Fortunately, a new generation of sustainable building materials, design technologies and scalable technologies are ready to be harnessed.

Sustainabuild is bringing the future of building to Africa, now.


Boxa is an award-winning construction tech company that designs smart green spaces. A new generation of construction systems are integrated with off-grid technologies and beautiful design to create holistic, sustainable, rapid-build solutions for education, office space, sanitation, retail and recreation applications.Units are delivered and assembled in a matter of days and are relocatable. They are designed to perform - spatially, thermally and environmentally, and can be built almost anywhere.

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Sustainabuild Projects is a multidisciplinary professional services and contracting company that specialises in the installation of mass timber elements and other next-generation construction technologies. Services include BIM design, structural engineering, specification and costing, procurement, project management and installations.

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Mass Timber Technologies (MTT) is a timber prefabrication company, specialising in the manufacture and supply of large scale, complex building components for use in construction applications. At our facility in Johannesburg, raw lumber is graded, shaped, pressed and robotically cut to the highest quality and accuracy standards. We offer a wide range of structural mass timber solutions in Cross-laminated Timber (CLT) as well as Glue-laminated Timber (GLT) beams and columns.

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The Sustainabuild group is a unique group of companies offering a range of specialist & complementary solutions including manufacturing, professional services and installations.

All Sustainabuild companies and employees are aligned to a common purpose, and together make up the essential skills and value chains to realise this purpose in a sustainable and scalable manner. The Sustainabuild ecosystem of companies is supported by a shared operational and services platform. From design and advisory services to manufacturing, delivery and installation, our process is seamless and pain free for our customers.

purpose-led and impact-driven

We measure the impact of our solutions towards SDGs

As a purpose-led and impact-driven organisation, we understand the importance of collecting the data and metrics that will enable Sustainabuild to quantify its contributions towards the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. Not only is this the responsible thing to do, but it also makes business sense as these metrics will inform our strategy and continued optimisation of our products and processes.

We have developed a bespoke Impact Measurement Framework that measures the impact of our solutions on the environment and society over time.

Climate Change Mitigation

(SDG 13)

Sustainable Production Processes

(SDGs 6 & 12)

Resilient and Sustainable Cities

(SDGs 9 & 11)

Poverty Decent work and Economic Growth

(SDG 8)

Sustainable Development Goals:


Clean water and sanitation


Decent work and economic growth


Industry, innovation and infrastructure


Sustainable cities and communities


Responsible consumption and production


Climate action

The future, now

Our commitment to transformation

The construction and built environment sectors, particularly in South Africa and other developing markets, remain stubbornly stuck in the past. Sustainabuild is a transformational business, not only in the solutions that we deliver, but also our intentional approach and long term vision to make a meaningful contribution towards the Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment of our employees, shareholders, customers and society.

The Sustainabuild Group is proudly 51% Black Women Owned and has been independently verified as Level 3 BBBEE contributor.

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The future, now.